As Christians, we are obligated by our faith to consistently keep up with our religious activities like going church, fasting, and spreading the gospel but sometimes this can get in the way of our work, and likewise, our work getting in the way of doing the tasks the bible has given to us. Also, At times we Christians find ourselves in situations at work that might conflict with our faith. To navigate these situations we need to have a deep understanding of how to balance our work and faith. As Christians, we need to know how to balance our work life and our faith. There are certain steps Christians can take to balance their work life and faith.


Know your values and beliefs and prioritise what truly matters to you. This doesn’t mean that you should choose between your work or your faith, rather it means you should focus on the necessary things in both your work and religion. Focus on your religious goals and resist any sort of compromising. In any workplace you find yourself it’s important to be a good representative of the Christian faith.


Schedule yourself, and make a calendar for your time. Time management is very necessary for any human. A human who can’t effectively manage his or her time will find it hard to function in some sections of society including the church. Prioritise any task you have, and give yourself deadlines to keep you more focused. If you work at a sloth’s pace then surely you won’t be able to keep up with your faith-related activities. Proper time management will help you find the balance between your faith commitment and your work.


In most workplaces, there are always more than a couple of people. They can be coworkers or your employees and Sometimes these people might not be Christians or they might not be as devoted to God as we are to God. Christians should not make the mistake of distancing themselves from such colleagues or be outspoken about their circumstances. Build proper relationships with co-workers whether they are Christian or not, doing this will let you enjoy working with them more, help them understand your life as a Christian, and most importantly give you an avenue to bring them to church.


A popular saying goes like this “All work no play makes Jack a dull boy” My version of it goes like this “All work no rest makes Jack a sick boy” You will agree that’s straightforward, right? For every action, there’s a reaction. The Bible does not hold to ransom on anything, the Christian faith allows us to pray anywhere we are and attend any church as long as it follows the doctrine of the bible. We can’t serve God if we are not in our best shape physically. So you should take time off work and reset your mind. Engage in recreational activities like the gym or reading books and sleeping.

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As Christians, if we can take these guidelines to heart, we will easily create a balance between our work and our faith. It’s very important to have successful businesses and careers because those things show our dedication. Likewise, having a healthy relationship with God is very important in a Christian life.

Are you struggling to balance your work life and faith? Join our community and reach out to us with your challenges at work and any questions you might have on how to balance faith and work.


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